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I’m an entrepreneur who focuses on solving the simple problems that others provide too much fluff solutions for. And that’s how I came up with Lychee. Lychee was born from a simple realization. The world of data visualization needed a breath of fresh air. As someone who navigated and used other tools, I understand the frustrations and inefficiencies that often ask for a solution. I built Lychee as a response to the clutter, the unnecessary complications. Think of it for a second. Why should you pay a lot of your hard-earned money for features that you don’t even use? Why should you go to a platform that’s reserved for the people who know about coding? Why should you look for an AI instant graph generator that doesn’t even do the job? Here at Lychee, we fuse the power of AI with the ease everyone deserves. In a world drowning in complexity, Lychee stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Join us where graphs are instant, and complexities are a thing of the past.