Loop Backup


This is the perfect cloud to cloud backup solution to securely backup.

Loop Backup with AI and Recovery Guarantee Loop Backup is the perfect solution cloud to cloud backup to securely backup all your Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace data, which by the way is your responsibility to backup. This advanced backup system is powered by Artificial Intelligence, so you can rest assured that all your organisations emails, contacts, calendars, drives, teams, onedrive and sharepoint data is secure and recoverable from deletions, being overwritten or encrypted by ransomware and is retained forever. Loop backup is the only backup provider with a money back guarantee which means if you are unable to restore previously backed up data, with Loop Backup you can claim your money back. Loop Backup runs 100% in the cloud backing up your data to locations of your choosing in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada or Australia with the data backed up directly from either Microsoft Office 365 or from Google Workspace, so you do not need to leave your computer on, plus Loop Backup cannot slow down your internet connection. Loop Backup ensures that all data is recoverable due to accidental or malicious deletions or when your data has been encrypted by ransomware. For a free trial with assisted setup please visit
Calan Clarke

Loop Backup is the perfect solution cloud to cloud backup.