Loman AI


Your 24/7 AI Phone Sales Agent

"Loman AI ensures you never miss another lead with it's AI-driven sales agent and receptionist, purpose-built to boost revenue for home service businesses. Offering 24/7 phone and chat services that mimic human interactions, Loman AI ensures businesses in HVAC, roofing, automotive repair, and more never miss a call or inquiry. Its capabilities in delivering instant quotes, addressing specific business queries, and routing leads efficiently make it essential for enhancing customer engagement and optimizing lead management. Engineered with advanced AI, Loman AI integrates smoothly with CRM, management software, and phone systems, improving lead forwarding and capturing crucial customer data early on. This boosts lead conversion and job bookings, enhancing customer satisfaction and providing businesses a competitive advantage. As a leading solution in leveraging AI for customer service and sales automation, Loman AI offers continuous, personalized service, proving indispensable for businesses adapting to digital demands. Its round-the-clock operation and human-like service make it a pivotal tool for staying competitive in the home service industry."
Loman AI

AI Tool founder