Internal Knowledge Base for your Business

Logycore is a dynamic tool designed to help small and medium sized businesses create a comprehensive internal knowledge base. Tailored to the specific needs of SMBs, it is equipped with specialised features designed to streamline management processes and make life easier for business owners. With Logycore, businesses can easily organise, store and access essential documents, policies, procedures and FAQs in a centralised location. The platform's emphasis ensures that integrating Logycore into daily operations is smooth and straightforward. Business owners can quickly build their knowledge base without extensive technical expertise, allowing them to focus more on growth and less on administrative tasks. By streamlining information sharing and collaboration, Logycore helps businesses save valuable time and resources. Whether it's onboarding new employees, updating company policies or sharing best practices, Logycore makes knowledge management a breeze, ultimately leading to improved productivity and business agility.
Grant Sirekanyan

Co founder Logycore