Livefield-Site Management App


Kepe track and records of everything that goes on at site

WHY WE NEED IT? Managing projects is uphill battle. It's much challenging if you don't utilize software or if you use too many tools. It's easy to lose track of all the moving pieces—and tough to stay up to date. That’s when things fall through the cracks. Use one tool to organize projects, make communication easy and meet milestones. APPLICATION FEATURES 1. Construction Drawing Management • Always see the most recent set of drawings to make sure that everyone working on latest drawings. • Organize your all of drawing sets at single place • From the field, make notes on drawings, annotate them, take progress photos and attach files straight on them • Comment directly from construction site to avoid drawing confusion or discuss anything. 2. Files Management • Upload digital documents from any devices and organize all your document on single platform. • Find your files & share it anywhere, at any time. 3. Tasks Management • One click accesses to check task details. • Prioritize tasks, add location, watchers, Set start date and End date, Manpower, Cost etc. • Run Tasks filter • Use checklist to improve quality and maintain safety on construction site. 4. Photos • Capture, store, and share project photos in a secure online archive. • Capture progress photos of your project from mobile device and link them to project drawings 5. Material and Store room log • Avoid Running out of Stock by utilizing Low-Stock Alerts. • Add multiple locations including stores and on-site locations to visually see your inventory at each location. • Track which location and run reports against the stock adjustments, consumption, issued and in-stock quantities. 6. Survey report • Write notes, attach photos and complete surveys, all from your mobile device. When you're done, just add a digital signature to submit report. BENEFITS OF HAVING A LIVEFIELD • Access the most up-to-date drawings and specifications instantly with Cloud syncing, ensuring everyone’s working off the latest drawings and avoid re-work. • Communicate in real-time — no matter what mobile devices are in use. • Use messages, tasks, and notifications to keep everyone in the loop. • Assign work with prioritization to the people responsible for taking care of it. • Report issues and inconsistencies and get clarification quickly, without time lost. • Customize your reports and report templates, making survey reports, time-sheets, inspections, RFIs, and any other reports a breeze to create and share. • Track and report progress. • Don’t shuffle between spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep your projects on track. Track and manage everything—from foundation to completion in single platform.
Akshay Sheth

Founder of Livefield Technologies | Helping people to beat the deadlines in construction.