Speak a new language from day one with AI avatars

DON'T JUST MEMORIZE A LANGUAGE. LIVE IT. Start speaking like a local from day one, with engaging, real-world conversations that make mere memorization a thing of the past. LingoLooper turns language learning into an adventure. Experience a powerful mix of gamified roleplay, interactive conversations with AI avatars, and real-world scenarios while naturally acquiring the skills you need to become fluent. Discover a virtual 3D world populated by characters with diverse personalities and stories. Turn them into friends and build a relationship while speaking about any topic. With LingoLooper, you're not just learning a language—you're living it. YOUR LANGUAGE GOALS, ACHIEVED. Whether you're aiming for a career boost, planning to relocate, or simply want to break the language barrier and more, LingoLooper is your key to overcoming common learning obstacles. Beat speaking anxiety and achieve native-level fluency, all in a judgment-free space to practice, be comfortable, and improve at your own pace. A UNIQUE AI LANGUAGE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. - Dive into immersive 3D worlds: Journey through interactive environments. Order breakfast at a café in New York or speak about your favorite activities at the park in Barcelona. Meet new charming people in the center of Paris, and then some! - Feedback that fuels your progress: Get personalized AI-powered feedback on your use of vocabulary, grammar, style, and receive suggestions on what to say next to progress in the conversation. - Conversations that feel real: Meet over 1,000 AI characters, each with their own unique personality, interests, and flair. Each loop simulates real conversations and interactions, fostering deeper cultural understanding and helps you build conversational skills that match your needs. - Flexible learning on your schedule: Our bite-sized loops make it easy to stay on track with your learning goals. These targeted exercises adapt to your pace and level, pushing you to expand your vocabulary, work on your pronunciation, and master grammar in real-life contexts. TESTED AND LOVED BY 1,000+ PIONEERING LANGUAGE LEARNERS: - "LingoLooper helped me overcome my fear of speaking a new language." – Maciej - "It's like no other app—engaging, effective, and truly immersive." – Patricia - "My students are more motivated than ever thanks to LingoLooper!" – Jacob - “I’ve been looking for a dynamic conversational AI language learning app. You’ve created a fantastic product.” – Yamil - "I love the different characters and their stories, and how the app suggests answers to keep you going." – Ben FEATURES: - Learn English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese. - 1000+ AI characters with varied personalities and interests. - Playful, 3D world with different places to explore like a café, gym, office, park, neighborhood, hospital, downtown. - 100+ missions including Meet & Greet, Catching Up, Weather, News, Directions, Things to Do, Work, Family, Pets, Shopping, Fashion, Fitness and Exercise, Food, Diversity and Inclusion, Commuting, Music, and much more. - Automatic conversation transcript. - On-screen suggestions to keep conversations going. - Personalized feedback on vocabulary, grammar, and context. - Adapts difficulty to your skills. - Progress tracking.
Andy Crystal

Senior Marketing Specialist