Life Story AI


Preserve your Family's Stories in a beautiful paper Book,Powered by AI

I'm Chaïb Martinez, co-creator of Life Story, and I'm delighted to present our latest project, which goes to the very heart of family ties and memories. Unfortunately, I never knew my grandparents. I would have loved to know about their childhood dreams, their favorite foods or what the world was like in their day. That's why Life Story was designed - to preserve the stories of every family. We've developed an artificial intelligence, Lisa, who takes on the role of personal biographer for your grandmother or mother. Lisa takes care of : 🎤Posing relevant, personalized questions 🔴 Recording answers (voice-to-text transcription) ✍️ Rework and format them in a literary style It's quick and effortless to build your family history. Just add a few photos and personalize the cover. Then you'll receive a beautiful printed book 📓. The app is easy for your parent to use. They'll receive a weekly email with a question they just need to answer. We've also integrated an "interview" mode so you can use the app with your parent 📱. So you can spend a few afternoons together writing your family history. It's an ideal gift for your grandmother or mother 🎁. For this, we've included a personalized gift card.
Chaïb Martinez

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