Leelo AI Whatsapp Bot


A whatsapp chatbot that transcribes voice messages to text.

Introducing Leelo AI, a revolutionary WhatsApp service designed to enhance your messaging experience like never before. Imagine a world where voice messages no longer pose a challenge, and multimedia files become effortlessly accessible – that's the magic of Leelo AI. With Leelo AI, the process is seamless. When confronted with a voice message you can't listen to, a simple forward to Leelo AI is all it takes. Watch as your voice message is transformed into crisp, readable text, ensuring you never miss a beat, regardless of your surroundings. Whether you're in a crowded space or a quiet environment, Leelo AI adapts to your needs, making communication accessible and convenient. But Leelo AI is not limited to voice messages alone. Dive into your gallery and let Leelo AI transcribe your audio and video files in an instant. No need for headphones or speakers – Leelo AI unveils the content within, providing you with a whole new level of communication freedom. The power lies in simplicity. Leelo AI ensures that your messages are not confined to mere sound waves. Instead, they become tangible, shareable, and understandable through text. Leverage the ease of text-based communication, making your conversations more versatile and accommodating. In a fast-paced world where communication is key, Leelo AI stands as your virtual assistant, breaking down barriers and transforming the way you connect on WhatsApp. Experience the future of messaging with Leelo AI – where words transcend the auditory realm and seamlessly translate into text, just for you. Embrace the convenience, embrace Leelo AI.
brahim koukou

I am the founder of Leelo AI an AI startup that provides solutions via AI