Chatbot to Increase the Generation of Qualified Leads through Website.

Leadster is the best marketing chatbot focused on increasing the generation of qualified leads through the website. We offer 14 days free for you to check the results! We approach your website visitors in a personalized and proactive way, to convert your traffic into leads. Conversation flows are created in a simple and intuitive way by the platform. After capturing the leads, they are integrated directly with the CRM that the company already uses, such as: Hubspot, Salesforce, RD Station, etc. and also via Zapier and webhook. We send the conversion event of generated leads to Google Analytics, Google ADS and Meta ADS to optimize your paid media campaigns. We have a dashboard focused on the main conversion metrics to monitor the performance of chatbot flows across each marketing channel.
Gustavo Luby

Co-founder and CMO of Leadster!