Extract French business contacts fast: thousands in minutes

Target local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in France with just one click. Thousands of contacts meeting your prospecting criteria instantly. Search by city or department. 1. Select the desired industry. ‍ 2. Choose your search area from all cities and departments in France. ‍ 3. Launch real-time extraction from the Internet. In addition to scraping Google Maps, LeadScrapr allows you to collect businesses without a website or Google establishment listing by searching SERPs, social networks, and online directories. Refine your searches Looking for carpenters in the Alpes-Maritimes without a website? It's possible! Precisely segment your searches with our filters. More filters coming soon. Real-time extraction No more outdated databases. ‍ Collect directly from the Internet for valid and up-to-date data. Try for free (No credit card required). Data enrichment Extracted data is automatically enriched. ‍ Export your results and import them directly into your CRM or favorite mailing tool. Prepare targeted and personalized prospecting campaigns in minutes. GDPR compliance All submitted data is publicly available on the Internet. French and European laws allow you to download and use this business data for commercial purposes. Try for free (No credit card required). An all-in-one tool to save 98% of time on collection tasks. 38% - Email address capture rate 44% - Phone number capture rate 98% - Faster than manual collection
Florentin de LeadScrapr