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Taking Firebase Console experience to the next level

Konsol manages your Firebase projects on your Android device, with features explained below: Firebase Project Management - Create Firebase project* using existing Google Cloud Project - Create Firebase project* from scratch - Edit project billing info** (similar to Spark/Blaze plan on Firebase) - Edit project attributes (project name, Analytics info***) - Delete Project - Add Android / iOS / web apps & download configuration files (google-services.json, GoogleServicesInfo.plist & webconfig.json) Firestore - Create database by enabling Firestore - Create / view collection - Create / delete document - View / create / update / delete document fields Test Lab - Create test matrix by uploading/selected apk or aab files**** (Android only) - View matrix results - View matrix execution details Cloud Storage - Create bucket by enabling Cloud Storage - Upload any type of file**** - Delete file - Create / delete folder FCM - Send notifications to one device - Send notifications to mutliple devices which are subscribed to the topic You can start your free trial (up to 7 days based on the subscription type you select) to try Konsol today. * requires accepting Google Cloud Terms of Service & Firebase Terms of Service. You can accept Google Cloud ToS on Google Cloud Console and Firebase Terms of Service on Firebase Console when you create your first project. ** requires at least one billing account linked to the Google Cloud Console if you want to add billing account to your project. *** requires at least one Analytics account linked to the Gmail address if you want to add Analytics account to your project. **** requires Blaze plan if the project was created after 28/09/2023 due to new rule about uploading and hosting of certain file types for no-cost plan projects.
Batuhan Öztürk

A person who likes to push himself to the limit & loves Android.