Custom AI Chatbots for your Business

"KaraboAI is a Chatbot as a Service (CAAS) platform that allows you to swiftly create AI-powered chatbots tailored to your business needs, incorporating your own business data and information in just two minutes. With KaraboAI, you have the freedom to craft a variety of chatbots, including but not limited to, Knowledge Retrieval Chatbots that streamline information access, Customer Support Chatbots designed to enhance the user experience, Lead Generation and Data Collection Chatbots that optimize your marketing efforts, Quote Creation Chatbots for instant pricing, Appointment Scheduling Chatbots to efficiently manage bookings, and Sales Chatbots that drive revenue growth. Our intuitive interface ensures a seamless creation process, enabling you to integrate these chatbots smoothly onto your website or through our diverse deployment options. KaraboAI stands as a paradigm of convenience and user-centric design, promising to transform the way you engage with your audience and conduct business. We also offer useful integrations with eCommerce websites, calendars, Zapier, etc., to enrich data collection and simplify how you create your chatbots."
Bertha Kgokong

Tech Entrepreneur