Kake Journal


Minimal Journal App with lots of great features

Kake is a journal-writing app with a minimal design, providing a light-weight experience and easy-to-use functionalities. It is completely free of ads and does not collect any data. ■ Minimalist Design Featuring a black and white main tone, Kake offers a soothing visual experience similar to iOS. You can choose from multiple layouts according to your preference. ■ Clear Functionality The app consists of four modules: Month, Calendar, Favs, and Setting. It enables quick creation of entries, allows calendar searches, and lets you mark favorite diaries. ■ Smooth Editing Experience Enhancing your editing process, Kake allows you to effortlessly add images and change font sizes using a pinch gesture. You can also add timestamps, dismiss the keyboard, and directly convert your entries to various file formats such as PDF, PNG, TXT, DOC, and CSV. ■ Privacy Protection To safeguard your privacy, Kake offers passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID protection, along with auto and manual lock features. It supports iCloud sync and allows you to export all your data to a .csv file. Rest assured, Kake does not collect any form of data. ■ Customizable UI Kake seamlessly adapts to your preferences by automatically switching between light and dark modes. It even offers a black mode specifically designed for OLED devices. Additionally, you have the option to change the app icon to match your other apps. ■ Multi-Device Compatibility Kake is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, supporting multitasking. To use the app on an M1 Macbook, simply go to 'Kake - Preferences' and turn on 'Touch Alternatives'.

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