IO AutoClicker


Automate Mouse Clicks

Tired of repetitive clicking and tapping? Io Auto Clicker is here to help! This simple yet powerful auto clicker tool allows you to automate clicks and taps at super fast speeds. With Io Auto Clicker you can auto click on your computer or phone with just a few clicks. Our easy to use interface allows you to set click locations, adjust click intervals down to milliseconds, randomize clicks, and more. This makes Io Auto Clicker perfect for automation, games, click testing, and any repetitive task. Key Features: 1. Click automatically at set intervals (milliseconds, seconds, minutes) 2. Randomize clicks for human-like automation 3. Set click locations precisely or randomly within a region 4. Adjust click duration to simulate holding and releasing 5. Export and import click configurations for easy automation 6. Run multiple auto clickers simultaneously 7. Safe to use and runs discretely in the background 8. Available on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android Stop wasting time with repetitive clicking and start using Io Auto Clicker to automate your work and play! Download it now for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.
Oliver Green