Only way to run influencer marketing if you care about ROI

We are super excited to introduce you all to insightIQ. insightIQ is the all-in-one influencer marketing solution for brands that care about ROI. We’ve reimagined influencer marketing from the ground up to help you find the most relevant influencer partnerships, gauge the genuine purchase intent you’re able to drive through your campaigns, and ultimately, optimize for ROI. 🔧 The Problem The typical influencer marketing funnel today for any brand involves creator discovery - to find suitable influencer partners that match your vibe, creator activation - to seamlessly collaborate with desired influencers, and campaign tracking - to evaluate the success of the brand-influencer partnership and measure tangible ROI gains from it. This workflow, however presents significant problems such as: 🤑 Influencer database size: There isn’t a single platform today that offers a large enough database that spans across platforms and content formats, and covers the entire gamut of influencers from nano-influencers to celebrities. 🥂 Finding the perfect brand fit: Even if there are some platforms that have a decently sized database, their filters and parameters to find the perfect influencers are limited. There’s very little insight into past success, brand affinity, and other such areas that actually matter to a brand. 💅 Going beyond vanity metrics to measure true ROI - Most IM platforms today still look at age-old vanity metrics like likes, comments, impressions, and engagement rates to decide if a campaign is working or not. None go beyond basic quantitative analysis to give a sense of the true ROI you’re able to drive. 💡 The Solution Enter insightIQ to solve all these worries. Here’s where insightIQ will change the ways brands do influencer marketing: 🔍 Creator Discovery: The largest influencer database with the most impactful filters insightIQ offers a comprehensive dashboard and APIs to boot that will give brands and influencer marketing platforms the largest database of creators ever! We cover 400 Million+ influencers across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, right from the most up-and coming nano-influencers on the cusp of virality to the most seasoned celebrities. With insightIQ Creator Discovery, you can use our 50+ search filters and tailor your influencer search process based on influencer performance metrics, audience demographics, keywords, creator and audience lookalikes, brand affinity, content relevance, competitor intel and much more! We will also soon have Influencer Brand-fit and Brand Safety that tell you if an influencer’s personality and voice match your brand’s values and overall content safety standards. 🔗 Creator Linkage: Invite your preferred influencers to connect their social accounts! Once you zero in on a desired influencer, you no longer have to repeatedly follow-up with them through multiple screenshot exchanges and email threads. You can simply ask them to connect their accounts to insightIQ, and have all their first-party stats in a unified dashboard. This ensures you’re always up-to-date on what your preferred creators are up to and get more granular insights into metrics of specific content formats like Instagram Stories, Reels etc. 📊 Quantitative and Qualitative Campaign Tracking Once you’ve entered into an official partnership with an influencer and have started rolling content out, you can use our campaign tracking module to measure campaign performance. You can simply add a new campaign, associate your brand name and duration with it, and enter a campaign budget. Once the campaign is created, we fetch three kinds of metrics: Social metrics: Simple engagement stats like likes, comments, shares, views, impressions and ER that give you a basic overview of how the reception to your content has been. Monetary metrics: Check the monetary impact of specific campaigns through metrics like CPE, CPM, CPV and TMV. Comments metrics: Our AI-based Audience Sentiment algorithm analyzes all the comments on a campaign post, tells you the percentage of relevant comments, the split of the audience sentiment between positive, negative and neutral, and the top 3 positive and negative comments that warrant an immediate look. Our advanced sentiment analysis will soon be able to calculate the purchase intent from an influencer’s comments section. In case you don’t want to add a campaign yet, you can still track all these metrics on a post level by entering the URL of a specific influencer post you want to monitor. 😻An Exclusive Offer! Phew, now that you know how potent insightIQ is, we’re glad to tell you that you can try it out for free today! Simply register here: and enjoy: Discovery of unlimited creators and detailed analysis of up to 3 of them, 25 creator profile connections, and analysis of any social media post. Sign up for free today and let us know what you think of insightIQ :) For any questions, you can refer to our help documentation here or contact us at [email protected]
GM Kailash

Product Marketer