IMGCentury- Image Compressor


No Uploading, No Signups. Unlimited & Multiple Formats Compression.

You can adjust the compression ratio in real time for your need and instantly compress your image without uploading it to the server. Image quality also can be viewed instantly. You can download files individually or download all files as a zip file. No Ads. No Uploading, No Signups, No Ads for accessing this tool. The Key features are: 1. Unlimited Compression & Multiple Image Formats Compression. 2. No Upload to the server. 3. Adjust the compression ratio for your own need. 4. Download All files as one zip file. 5. No Upload limit (Up to 1GB image files tested). PNG, BMP, JPG, JPEG,& WEBP formats are supported now and will soon be extended to other image formats. Android and iOS applications will be launched soon.
Arjun Das

I'm from Goa, I love to drink and code.