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Tired of useless website traffic? hyperSEO is the #1 AI Blog Writer for companies serious about revenue, not page visits. The platform helps founders struggling to capture the existing demand for their product, generate more inbound search leads — and increase their revenue. hyperSEO doesn't generate pointless, low intent web traffic like other AI writers — it generates actual customers for you. Sell to buyers already looking for you. Create "bottom of funnel" blog content like "Your Product vs. Your Competitor: 2024 Comparison" or "Your Competitor: Alternatives". Not sure which blogs to target? hyperSEO scans your site to do the thinking and blog writing for you. Add call-to-actions (CTAs) to your blogs. Create brand awareness in your blogs and convert readers into actual customers. The free trial includes: - Access to Google SERP data to improve your blog content. - Keyword discovery helps find relevant topics that attract traffic. - Keyword research to optimise your blogs for search engines. - Premium AI images, increasing your chances of ranking. - Informational keywords to target prospects looking for information. - Commercial keywords to target prospects looking to buy. - Credit refunds if you are unhappy with the output. - Free rewrites to ensure you are happy with the blogs.
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