AI-based API building platform is a web application that leverages AI technology to generate REST APIs and SQL based on Hono.js from prompts and screenshots, significantly accelerating backend development. This application allows users to verify API functionalities directly connected to the data layer through a browser, greatly enhancing the development process. Hono.js is optimized for web standards and edge runtimes, and can be deployed in various environments such as Cloudflare, Fastly, Deno, Bun, Lagon, AWS, and Node.js. The APIs created can be shared through links, allowing community members to contribute to the improvement of the application by starring and forking. The import of npm packages is also supported, with automatic addition of types to the editor. Moreover, it's possible to automatically generate APIs using AI through a link to the interface generated from Vercel's The generated APIs can be deployed directly to Cloudflare with just a few clicks, allowing for easy integration into production environments. A dedicated CLI is also available to assist with project setup and local development progress.
Yuta Kobayashi