SMS AI scheduling and notes assistant

Gumdrop is an innovative SMS-based AI assistant designed to cater to the dynamic needs of busy professionals. In today's fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, Gumdrop offers a seamless and intuitive solution for managing schedules and taking notes on the go. By simply sending a text message, users can effortlessly instruct Gumdrop to remember important notes, set reminders, and organize their schedules. This level of convenience and accessibility sets Gumdrop apart, as it eliminates the need for complex apps or software, making it an ideal tool for professionals who are constantly on the move and need to stay organized without the hassle of navigating through multiple digital platforms. The core appeal of Gumdrop lies in its simplicity and efficiency. Whether it's setting up meetings, remembering key points from a client call, or jotting down sudden bursts of ideas, Gumdrop is just a text away. This AI-powered assistant understands and processes user requests with remarkable accuracy, ensuring that all entries are correctly logged and reminders are set as per the user's schedule. For professionals juggling multiple tasks and appointments, Gumdrop acts as a reliable and discreet personal assistant, always ready to assist via the most basic and widely used communication method – SMS. Its ability to integrate seamlessly into a professional's daily routine makes Gumdrop not just a tool, but a trusted companion in achieving productivity and staying on top of their game.
Derek Kohn

maker building software and services for business creators with clients.