Your career, your way

This is Gria, a company made by people who believe in people and use their technology and data to create bridges and uniquely bring new job opportunities. We just can't get over it. We know that selection processes are inefficient for companies and unbearable for applicants. We are aware of the fact that, although there are excellent learning resources, people have trouble identifying what they need to revamp their careers. That's why we're bringing a fresh look to careers and to the way we find and develop professionals that companies are looking for. For us, evolving and fitting in, especially at work, is essential so that people can contribute to companies and vice versa. To help with this, we've built our platform from the ground up, thinking about how to promote the best way to see and understand people to connect them with the right company. We’ve reduced distances between companies and professionals, simplifying and potentializing different steps of the selection process, promoting the perfect connection through Gria’s products packed with strategic insights, and fostering self-knowledge to people and resources to the companies so they can develop and retain unique professionals and contribute to professional life with a deeper meaning. We believe that when the purposes between people and companies are aligned, both sides become bigger and better. This is the Gria way of being a partner in the transformation of work relations.
Ryan Rhodes Howell

Software engineer at DCSL GuideSmiths