Gifts Finder AI


Your global search engine for finding gifts and experiences

Gifts Finder AI is a gifts search engine that aggregates listings from different marketplaces and uses LLM-based semantic search to drive more accurate retrieval and help you find exactly what you're looking for. Finding the perfect gift or planning a memorable weekend activity often means navigating through a sea of recommendation articles and marketplace listings. It's a time-intensive process where you're left wondering if you've truly explored all options within your city and budget. That's precisely the challenge Gifts Finder AI addresses. For now, our platform aggregates experiences from multiple marketplaces / experience providers globally, delivering a seamless, one-stop discovery process. We streamline your search, ensuring that if there's an experience matching your criteria, you'll find it. Here’s how we do it: 🌐 Aggregation: First up, we bring together tons of listings from various marketplaces into one place to allow you to search over them. The search results refer you to original marketplaces to proceed with your purchase, so we are not a Point Of Sale. 🎯 Contextual matching: Next, we use a GPT-based LLM to really understand what each listing is about. Unlike traditional keyword-based searches, this method allows us to grasp the full context of what each experience offers. The effectiveness of the search is directly proportional to the descriptiveness of the user’s query, enabling highly tailored results that match the user’s intent and preferences. 📊 Re-Ranking: Our re-ranking algorithm employs complex weighting schemes to balance the popularity of listings with their relevance to the user's specific query. Our priority is optimizing for contextual match rather than conversion rates. This approach ensures that the most fitting and personalized recommendations rise to the top, based on a nuanced understanding of the user’s search intent and the listings’ details. 💬 Interactivity and Chat Interface: Our UI allows you to refine your search results adding more context to your initial query. Also, we have a custom GPTs (, which allows you to take advantage of the chat interface while browsing for experiences or gifts.
Alisa Vinogradova

Deep Learning Research Scientist and builder