Forcefully modify the state of other program controls: buttons, window size etc.

ForceToolkit is a small but powerful Windows freeware utility that provides a few functions forcibly modify the state of other program controls. This tool allows users to enable grey out buttons and checkboxes, hide windows and let them run in the background, make windows always on top, change titles, forcefully kill processes and close programs. ForceToolkit Features - Enable Grayed Out Disabled Buttons, Checkboxes and More Controls in Other Applications - Force to Click on a Disabled Button - Hide a Window or Program to Run it Invisible in the Background - Hide Controls and Text in Other Applications - Set Windows to Always on Top - Forcefully Close Window in Other Programs - Redraw / Refresh the UI of Other Programs - Forcefully Kill the Process and Close the Program of an Application - Change the Window Title - Resize the Fixed Size Window - Portable ZIP Version Available
Woody Wu

Developer and Indie Vendor