Folksable: Photo Habit Tracker


Folksable is your go-to habit-tracking app, designed to elevate your productivity and help you accomplish your goals through social accountability and streaks. Whether you're striving to exercise more, adopt healthier eating habits, or enhance your overall productivity, Folksable has you covered. The app introduces the concept of social contracts, allowing you to declare new habits and form commitments within your social circle. This fosters consistency and identity reinforcement within your group, making habit formation a shared journey. Unlike other habit-tracking apps, Folksable emphasizes photo check-ins, enabling you to share visual progress updates with your friends. This not only adds a personal touch but also creates a delightful photo journal, capturing your evolution in each habit. One distinctive feature of Folksable is its precise scheduling. Unlike apps with generic habit schedules, Folksable allows you to make thoughtful decisions about when to perform each habit. This level of specificity ensures a more tailored and effective approach to habit tracking. The user experience is a priority for Folksable, recognizing that forming new habits can be challenging. The app boasts an elegant design that instills a sense of calmness and zen. The delightful interactions within the app make habit tracking an enjoyable and friction-free experience, encouraging users to open the app regularly and make progress effortlessly. To further reduce friction, Folksable provides an ad-free experience, recognizing that distractions can impede habit formation. The app understands that starting a new habit is akin to kindling a fire; it's hardest at the beginning. Therefore, a distraction-free environment is essential for a seamless and successful habit-building journey. Folksable introduces an event calendar, offering insights into your daily events based on precise scheduling. This feature allows users to prepare in advance, knowing exactly what events are on the agenda for the day. Quick check-in access is facilitated through the "At a Glance" feature, which shows all events for the day in a mini-player-like UI. This dynamic bottom bar adapts to your screen, providing a day progress indicator and event distribution represented as dots. Privacy is paramount, and Folksable ensures granular privacy controls for each ritual and task. Users can choose between private, friends-only, and public settings, maintaining control over who sees what within the app. Collaborative rituals add a social dimension to habit tracking. Users can invite friends to join rituals or become members of others' rituals. Leaderboards based on the number of check-ins make the journey more engaging, especially for activities like gym sessions where having a companion can be motivating. Folksable is an ever-evolving app, with new features and improvements rolled out through quick weekly updates. The app is open to user feedback and suggestions, fostering a community-driven approach to development. In summary, Folksable is not just a habit-tracking app; it's a comprehensive tool that leverages social accountability, precise scheduling, and a delightful user experience to make habit formation enjoyable and sustainable. Experience the elegance, simplicity, and effectiveness of Folksable as you embark on a journey of personal growth and achievement.
Dhikshith Reddy

Indie Maker