Automatically generate step-by-step guides by performing any process.

Fluency is the process excellence platform that makes automation accessible to everyone in a business - starting with documentation. If you've ever manually written any business document - such as an internal guide, S.O.P, or 'how-to', you know how tedious it is. It probably involved manually typing out each step and adding in screenshots. Since this takes so long, and is tedious work, companies have to decide: either spend a ton of time and money on process documentation, or skip it all together. Fluency saves you from making this choice, by making documentation automatic. Simply open up the Fluency app, hit record and perform the process how you normally would. This can be any computer based process. Whether it's reconciling a payment in Zero, adding a user in Hubspot, or more complex processes specific to your business - Fluency will intelligently generate step by step documentation in seconds. No more tediously pasting screenshots and manually writing descriptions - Fluency understands the context of your process, and with the power of Fluency's AI model, your documentation will require minimal editing. If you need to make edits, easily do so with Fluency's in-built editing features, and go ahead and save your document in Fluency's secure process vault, powered by AWS. Or, export your document to wherever it needs to be. But, we recommend storing your processes in Fluency. The Fluency platform is built to augment your processes - with features like AI assistant, process insights, Audit View, and no-code automations. These features complement your process, and coupled with governance controls like team, project and tag-based organisation for process oversight, Fluency is the gold standard hub for process excellence. Get started today with a 7 day free trial, or contact our team to discuss our Enterprise plans. Speak your business, Fluently.
Leo Roubos