Flamingo — Travel Days Tracker


Automatically track your travel for residency, visas, taxes

Flamingo flies with you and makes sure you comply with international and US state travel and tax requirements. An essential tool for global expats, digital nomads, permanent residents, dual residents, overseas homeowners, and frequent travellers. AUTO TRIP RECORDING With geolocation tracking, Flamingo automatically determines if you have left your residence country or state and accurately records your trip details so that you don’t have to. Keep tabs on the countries and states you’ve visited and how many days you spent there. SCHENGEN AREA CALCULATOR If you frequently travel to the EU Schengen Travel Area as a non-resident, it can be a hassle to keep up with the 90 in 180 days rule. Flamingo counts how many combined days you’ve already spent in Schengen countries and how many more you have left in the 180-day period. If you’re already located in the EU as a non-resident, Flamingo tells you the date when you have to leave to avoid overstaying. The built-in calculator helps you determine not only the earliest date you can travel to the EU for your desired number of days, but also for how many days you can stay if you arrive on your desired date. VISA-FREE STAY Based on your citizenship, Flamingo automatically identifies to which countries you need a visa, e-visa, or visa on arrival and where you can travel absolutely visa-free. Coming soon: Flamingo will also tell you how long you can stay in each country visa-free, monitor your duration of stay and alert you when you’ll be close to overstaying. RESIDENCE STATUS FOR COUNTRIES & US STATES Flamingo helps you determine your physical presence for domicile and residency by automatically recording and counting how many days you spend there. *Especially useful for Statutory Residence Test for UK expats and Substantial and Physical Presence Tests for US expats and permanent residents. EXPORT REPORTS You can download a customizable CSV report with your travel details with the tap of a button. Share it with authorities and lawyers in seconds or keep it for your own travel records. COMPLETE PRIVACY Your travel, residency, and visa data is stored locally only on your device. We do not collect, nor store, your information on our servers. *With Flamingo PRO you can sync your data via iCloud across all your devices.
James Burton

Founder of Flamingo - Travel Days Tracker