Fitlock - Healthy Screen Time


Earn screen time to distracting apps by completing daily fitness goals

Fitlock is a privacy-focused app that uses Apple Health and Screen Time to help users reduce screen time and improve fitness by blocking apps and websites until daily health and fitness goals are met. Fitlock works by creating a schedule for the user to block apps. The user can choose the apps they want to block, the times of day they want to block them, and the strictness level of the block. When the user's schedule is active, they will not be able to open the blocked apps until they reach their specified health and fitness goals. For example, a user might create a schedule to block social media apps every day and unlock them for 30 minutes each time they hit 2000 steps within the given schedule. Fitlock also offers a variety of other features, such as the ability to track progress over time and choose from a variety of strictness levels.
Jake Holdom

Developer of Fitlock.