Finance Toolkit


Transparent and Efficient Financial Analysis

While browsing a variety of websites, I kept finding that the same financial metric can greatly vary per source and so do the financial statements reported while little information is given how the metric was calculated. For example, Microsoft's Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratio on the 6th of May, 2023 is reported to be 28.93 (Stockopedia), 32.05 (Morningstar), 32.66 (Macrotrends), 33.09 (Finance Charts), 33.66 (Y Charts), 33.67 (Wall Street Journal), 33.80 (Yahoo Finance) and 34.4 (Companies Market Cap). All of these calculations are correct, however the method applied varies leading to different results. Therefore, collecting data from multiple sources can lead to wrong interpretation of the results given that one source could be applying a different calculation method than another. And that is, if it is even freely available. Often the calculation is hidden behind a paid subscription. This is why I designed the FinanceToolkit, this is an open-source toolkit in which all relevant financial ratios (100+), indicators and performance measurements are written down in the most simplistic way allowing for complete transparency of the calculation method. This allows you to not have to rely on metrics from other providers and, given a financial statement, allow for efficient manual calculations. This leads to one uniform method of calculation being applied that is available and understood by everyone.
Jeroen Bouma

My ambition is to continuously improve in the fields of Programming and Quant Finance