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For a while now, I have been bothered by how badly made these third-party GPT stores are. With only a name and a description, they think they can help us find the right custom GPTs for our tasks... However, most of the time, these custom GPTs fail to deliver on their promises or meet expectations. Additionally, the usage cap of GPT-4 is inconvenient, requiring a 3-hour wait before testing again. All of this makes me feel like custom GPTs are completely useless. But I found some incredible GPTs creators in this community who keep pushing high-quality GPTs. It's just hard to find their work among 70,000+ custom GPTs. --- This motivated me to start a side project: Gather all the GPTs I have tested and found useful. Each one might come with detailed descriptions, including how it works, how to use it, how it compares with ChatGPT, use cases, core features, and prompt starters. Goal: let you know exactly how custom GPTs work before you try them, make it easier to discover useful ones. The collection is (and will be) completely free to use. It's still an early version, but I plan to improve it and eventually make it the best resource to find useful custom GPTs!
Dave Hu

Curating something useful for people who need them.