eeva helps people manage their lives by harnessing the power of AI.

eeva is an AI powered application that takes all of your life's most important information; household data such as appliance manuals, warranties, and contractor's information, as well as all the kids' activities, all the comings and goings and stores them in one centralized platform. eeva also keeps tabs of your health information as well as creates a family calendar. All of this is to help reduce the mental load and make managing your life, that much easier. Our AI was designed to be practical, it allows you to keep tabs of everything happening in your life and in the house, down to the contents of your fridge! eeva can have a real impact on your daily life by creating weekly meal plans for you and your family. By being integrated into your family's health profiles, it also knows to be mindful of allergies and so much more.
Jarrod Nichol

Co-Founder and CRO