Transform your designs into code effortlessly

πŸ‘‹ Hey everyone! Rohan Singhvi here, the Co-Founder of Dualite. After building multiple projects and apps, I realised that the time it takes for a UI design to be converted to code is incredibly long and the current set of tools available are incredibly complex for any developer to work though and also do not provide production-friendly code. πŸ¦‡ That’s why we’re really excited to launch Dualite: our sleek Dark Knight to solve all your UI development needs. Our unique Figma plugin can convert interactive prototypes and user-flows as well as static designs in just a single click. πŸ”₯ Dualite is a proven game-changer with generating more than 150 Million lines of high quality code for the likes of companies such as Atlassian, PwC, Similarweb, Postman and Sky. Our core features: 🍜 Converting interactive prototypes and static Figma designs into React and HTML/CSS 🎯 Tagging to convert static layers into input fields, external links, custom embeds etc. 🧱 Figma Components and Variant support πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Dev Mode Support πŸͺœ Semantic Component Naming πŸ‘¬Our story starts in our college dormitories where Prakhar and I connected online and resonated with this problem, and started building a beta version. We saw strong validation when a famous Instagram influencer put out a reel for free for us which generated more than 2 Million views! πŸ€— We look forward to receiving feedback and insights on Dualite from the fabulous Product Hunt community!
Rohan Singhvi

CEO at Dualite