Extract Data from Unstructured Documents

Docsumo is an intelligent document workflow automation platform for financial services firms. Docsumo helps companies extract data from documents, analyze that data and detect document fraud. Docsumo’s technology reduces back-office costs by up to 70% and increases productivity by 50%. For every million documents processed by a bank at about $1 per document, DocSumo can directly save $700k. What differentiates Docsumo is that their technology can read non-standardised documents such as bank statements, invoices, pay stubs and contracts with over 98% accuracy and more than 90% straight-through processing. Docsumo was started by Rushabh & Bikram while solving the same problem of digitizing paper-based processes for a Canadian bank.
Abhay Sharma

I am an SEO and Outreach Specialist for Docsumo.