Make code reviews frictionless. Keep developers happy.

devoro simplifies code review collaboration for developers, reduces delays, and keeps devs happy. 🙅‍♂️ Tired of chasing reviewers? devoro opens a Slack channel for each PR, centralizing all code review communication. Notify, get notified, and respond on Slack whenever a PR comment is added. 🔄 Never lose important PR discussions that occurred on Slack. All comments on devoro's review channels are automatically synced back to GitHub, ensuring all discussions are documented for future reference. 📋 Get a full report on open PRs before your daily meeting, boosting accountability between members and making sure PRs are picked up promptly. 🔔 Get notified immediately whenever your PR requires any action, keeping your code reviewable and mergeable at all times. 🔎 No more guessing what a code change is about! Get an AI-powered executive summary for every PR, keeping you constantly on top of the latest changes. Have all the needed context to perform a quality code review, at all times.

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