An automated bug reporting tool

Devign is a tool that automates a long and painful bug reporting process which is very much a part of everyone’s workday. During our research, we found that PMs, developers and designers spend about 30% of their time reporting bugs and design related issues. We understand Issue reporting is inevitable, yet time consuming which takes up big chunk of your time. Using Devign, you can discover, report, and share directly from your production screen with a single click. Thanks to our users’ insightful feedbacks, beta version’s bug reporting is much easier and sharing with the team is possible as tickets on Jira and messages on Slack. All of these came together as we sharpened our AI powered automated CSS checking feature—so called auto-QA. Designers can now focus on creating with Devign's CSS checker. Inspecting design is easier and clearer, and now no more turning on the inspector to look for divs. Devign enhances your workflow by connecting into your existing tools. Devign will make sure every issue user creates will make it into the issue tracking tool. No more loose ends. Easier issue reporting means faster QA process. For project managers, meeting deadline sounds more realistic than ever. No more release now, fix later.
Team Deep BlueDot

Maker of Devign. Here to answer your questions.