Transform your study notes into exam questions in seconds is an innovative AI-driven study aid designed to enhance the learning experience for students across the globe. Utilizing the latest language model technology along with proven techniques like Active Recall and Spaced Repetition, functions as a personalized AI tutor, offering instant feedback, tracking study progress, and providing in-depth explanations for complex concepts on demand. What sets apart from traditional quiz makers is its ability to generate tailored learning paths based on each student's grasp and progression through key topics. By allowing students to create questions directly from their own study materials, ensures a highly relevant and effective learning journey. offers a free mode with limited features, giving students the opportunity to explore the tool before committing further. For those who find value in the quality of the generated questions, a premium mode is available for a monthly fee, unlocking unlimited access to the full tutoring experience. Furthermore, serves as an AI flashcard maker, enabling students to rapidly create custom flashcards from their notes, enhancing memorization and retention through this tried-and-true study method. Supporting over 100 languages and applicable to any field of study, is a versatile AI-powered tool designed to empower students, deepen their comprehension, and facilitate academic success through personalized, adaptive learning experiences.
Alec Conti

I'm Co-Founder and Product Manager of