All-in-One CRM, Ticket, PhoneSystem & AI Chatbots for Customer Support

🚀🚀🚀 DataKnowl: The Future of Customer Relations and Support Why juggle multiple platforms when you can have everything in one place? DataKnowl’s all-in-one design significantly reduces the complexity of managing various customer touchpoints. This integrated approach not only simplifies operations but also offers a consistent customer experience across all channels, which translates into increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🧰🧰🧰 DataKnowl combines the power of an intuitive CRM with a cutting-edge Business Phone System, an easy to use Support Ticket System and a comprehensive omni-channel Interaction Center to offer a unified, seamless customer service experience. ✅ Intelligent CRM: Track and manage customer interactions and data effortlessly, streamlining your sales, marketing, and customer service processes in one easy-to-use interface. ✅ Business Phone System: Our robust Business Phone System ensures you never miss a call. It's reliable, scalable, and integrates smoothly with your CRM, providing a unified system that enhances your team's productivity. ✅ Omni-Channel Interaction Center (Preview): Manage all your customer interactions—whether they're coming from email, social media, chat, or phone—in one centralized dashboard. ✅ Support Ticket System: Our simple yet powerful Support Ticket System helps you manage and resolve customer issues efficiently, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. ✅ AI-Powered V-Agent: Our V-Agent technology brings customer service into the future. These intelligent chatbots are available 24/7 on phone, web, and mobile platforms (with WhatsApp coming soon). Powered by our Intellexere artificial intelligence engine, V-Agents can have human-like conversations, providing support and sales information that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional IVR systems. Thanks to ➡️ DML (DataKnowl Markup Language), ➡️ Intent Detection, and➡️ Knowls (Units of Knowledge), you have the power to design a Virtual Agent capable of performing complex tasks. Not only can these V-Agents manage intricate customer service inquiries, but they can also integrate with external sources, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive support ecosystem. 👷👷👷 Note: Web Widget is currently in Beta, and V-Agent integration is not supported on browsers where third-party cookies are blocked, such as Safari. We are working hard to remove the need for third-party cookie support; in the next version, the Web Widget will be available for all browsers.
Alessio Paolucci

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