Simplified MicroVM Management for Developers

Hey guys, I'm thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking project that we, a group of engineers, have been passionately developing – Cubewave ( This tool is set to revolutionize microVM orchestration for developers, offering unparalleled versatility. Imagine having the power of a microVM at your fingertips, much like using Docker on a Jenkins slave. There's a scarcity of user-friendly tools for microVMs, and the few available are quite complex. However, Cubewave aims to change that narrative. We strongly believe it will be a significant breakthrough for various areas like CI/CD, LLM agents, and the deployment of applications. For those unfamiliar, let's talk about microVMs. They're the rising stars in the tech world, providing lightweight, secure environments that allow applications to run faster while using fewer resources. We're still in the process of perfecting Cubewave, but we're excited to share our initial prototype with you. Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we work to refine and improve this innovation! If this piques your interest, please drop a comment, and I'll guide you through the "apt install" process to try it out yourself.

software engineer