Unification of fans based on football interactive.

The idea of ​​the interactive complex is to create an international web platform to unite football fans of the club. Each registered user will have access to a personal account and functional possibilities of interacting with the platform. The latest statistical data visualization system, unique football interactive, tables, news and discussions are only part of the functionality that has already been implemented and allows to ensure the operation of the international platform for receiving and exchanging information. Our technical solution is aimed at the development of sports brands, popularization of the club community, the history of the club and football in general. This resource is a modern platform for displaying information data of football clubs, which allows to unite the international football community in a special interactive cognitive system. WHAT IS THE UNIQUENESS OF OUR PLATFORM? Unique football interactive The basis of the interactive is the data of real football events, supplemented data of football events and virtual football paraphernalia. The user can make predictions on the statistical parameters of future events and earn points that allow him to receive elements of the club's symbols in the virtual store. Modern data visualization system Our web platform uses the most advanced tools to display football data. Graphs, charts, status bars and many other options for displaying statistical and informational data. International platform When creating the platform, our goal was to unite football fans from different countries, while at the same time eliminating the complications that arise in the process of interaction as much as possible - therefore, our resource is built in such a way that the user can receive information in the language that will be most convenient for him. The uniqueness and quality of the offered software is confirmed by the submission of applications to the National Intellectual Property Body of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property” (Ukrpatent) for patenting of the invention and utility model. SUGGESTION FOR COOPERATION To ensure the work and improve the products, we plan to attract funds from sponsors and investors using the display of integrated advertising.
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