Delivering the magic of the live experiences in a digital format

CrowdSurf is one of the leading next-generation fan engagement platforms dedicated to revolutionising the world of live-streamed sports and entertainment using their virtual crowd technology. CrowdSurf’s solution marries live and digital to create a hybrid ecosystem where users can do more than just watch content - it connects the user, the rest of the crowd and the performers into one shared moment previously not possible. CrowdSurf’s mission is simple - to deliver the magic of the live experience in a digital format - bringing brands, artists and their fans closer together. You can help us shape the future of CrowdSurf by signing up to our Inner Circle — you'll see behind the scenes content and our early stage designs, get free access to live music, sports and entertainment events, and even get paid for sharing your thoughts. Interested? Then you can sign up here:
Katherine Calderbank

Head of Insight at CrowdSurf