Critical thinking website for kids with videos and activities

Critikid is a website where kids can learn about critical thinking through a science-fiction adventure. So far, we have released one course: "Fallacy Detectors Part 1", which teaches kids about 10 logical fallacies through animated videos and activities. In the future, we will release courses about cognitive biases and formal logic. We'd also like to build a "social media simulator", which will be a highly-moderated forum for kids to debate hot topics in a respectful and rational way. Critical thinking is the process of rationally analyzing information, arguments, and even our own thought processes. In essence, it is the ability to distinguish between logical and flawed reasoning in order to communicate clearly, even when communicating with ourselves. Critical thinking makes us better communicators. Logical fallacies frequently find their way into conversations, and when we can’t identify them, they tend to derail discussions and make them unproductive. The ability to recognize when you or your conversational partner is committing a logical fallacy can help get the conversation back on track. Critical thinking also makes us better decision-makers. Understanding cognitive biases means understanding our minds. When we can recognize our cognitive biases, we can get a better idea of why we make the decisions we do. People who try to sell us products or ideas know all about logical fallacies and cognitive biases, and they know how to use them to their advantage. The ability to think critically helps us to defend ourselves against manipulation. Critical thinking is particularly important for children these days. They spend a huge portion of their lives on the internet, which abounds in polarizing opinions, logical fallacies, and misinformation. This is the battlefield that the kids of today must withstand, and critical thinking is their armor. Critikid’s goal is to help them forge it.
Stephanie Simoes

Teacher and educational video creator. Founder of Critikid, a critical thinking site for kids.