Crewting Coffee-Break


Turn isolated remote workers into deeply connected crews

Crewting is a matching solution that takes remote team collaboration to the next level. Employees get automatically matched, jump directly from Slack into the coffee break environment and enjoy interactive content moderation. With Crewting, there's no more awkward silence between colleagues when they meet. The bonding experiences strengthen your company culture and are fun. Making meaningful connections has never been easier! Features: Who knows Who: A fun quiz in which colleagues get to know each other Topic Talk: In-depth conversations based on the own interests Coffee Kitchen: Small talk is essential even when working remotely Calendar Integration: Intelligent scheduling with all popular calendar types AI Matching: Varied matching through Artificial Intelligence Choose Group size: Customized settings for individual teams Customized frequency: An interval that fits for every team Slack integration: Coffee breaks take place where you already are Gamification: Nothing connects more than playing together Ice breaker: No more awkward silences in meetings Moderation: Stimulating conversations that bring people out of their comfort zone EU gdpr: Complies with the current global data protection guidelines
Marvin Mändle

Business development manager and first employee at Crewting.