Credexon- The Future of Gaming


Credexon offers innovative game modes fusing stock market ideas.

Credexon offers intriguing stock market ideas such as Options and Trading fused into fantasy gaming. While breaking down the barriers of and enhancing traditional fantasy offerings such as contests and prize pool systems with our twists, Credexon is offering unique real money game modes for cricket and football. Our multiple exciting game modes include the revolutionary player and team accumulator which enables user to invest in individual player as well as popular team shares before a match/ series and get a return per share depending on the top 4 performers. There are traditional matches contests, but also contests for series that enables users to make a fantasy “portfolio” of player picks during an entire tournament or even a specific duration of the tournament such as knockout rounds or group stages. There is also a winner-takes-all “prize pool” where users can even influence the odds/ payouts as they make the market. Credexon also provides a superlative user experience, giving added control , engagement and power to the user. Our data partners provide detailed player, match, team, series- live and result- information and statistics giving greater control to the user while also giving them the platform to engage with our innovative game modes. We also empower them to influence the payoffs according to the popularity and subscription of different shares, as solely the users make the market (in player and team accumulator game modes).
Yash Gupta

Building Credexon-a revolutionary fantasy gaming platform with innovative games for cricket & soccer