Speed up your job search with personalized AI-powered cover letters

Job seekers spend a lot of time writing original, personalized cover letters for each job. This leads to inefficiency when applying to many jobs and longer time unemployed. Job seekers will simply skip job applications that require a cover letter. Non-technical job seekers may not have easy access to AI tools such as ChatGPT. We created a simple way to create a first draft cover letter that factors in your work experience, company info and your preferred writing style. The job seeker provides basic info about the job and the tool leverages OpenAI to create a Google doc sent to the job seeker within minutes. Each generated cover letter includes an Originality score to inform how much effort you should put into revising the cover letter draft so the document stands out from the crowd.
Ambar Shrivastava

I'm a Product leader working on a no-code app to help job seekers leverage AI for cover letters.