Company Research Kit


400+ Tools and Techniques to research any company in the world

Power up your company research with this guide and database of field-tested techniques and tools to help you get any information you want about a company. Analyze any competitor, partner, prospect, or another organization that you simply wish to know more about, regardless of their size or industry. All resources are grouped into categories and sub-categories that you can research: 1. Company (firmographics, HR, etc.) 2. Offering (products, pricing) 3. Customers (who they are & what they think) 4. Marketing (channels, activities) 5. PR (news, ESG) 6. Strategy & Operations (signals, projects, partners, and more) 7. Financials (revenue/costs, funding, growth/decline) 8. Legal (IP, compliance, litigation) 9. Market environment (competitors, market share, trends, etc.)

Business analyst, consultant, entrepreneur