Create gamified surveys that get you the feedback you need to grow

CoinSurvey is a self-serve survey software that allows you to create engaging, gamified surveys and quizzes, and reward your respondents with our integral reward engine. With CoinSurvey, you have the option to instantly reward your respondents for every questions with coins or contribute to a greener future by planting real trees with One Tree Planted. More rewards & features are in the works. Not only does CoinSurvey make it easy to gather valuable insights from your respondents, but our reward engine makes it easy to incentivize your respondents and increase response rates, all while keeping costs low. Our reward engine allows you to stop wasting money on ineffective incentives such as sweepstakes and streamline the process of manually managing rewards. You can also remove bottlenecks in your survey process by offering higher rewards for harder questions. CoinSurvey operates on a freemium model, where you get 50 responses for free every month. If you need more responses, you can purchase a response package and, for a limited time, we'll double the number of responses you receive. Plus, any unused responses will roll over to the next month until you've used them all up. We also offer custom branding, where you can replace the CoinSurvey logo with your own and choose between a white or dark theme to match your branding.
Ole Andre Knutli

I'm the co-founder of CoinSurvey