CodeBlinks creates beautiful animated videos of your code.

CodeBlinks is a tool that transforms the way we look at code. Instead of static images or complex text, CodeBlinks turn your code diffs into engaging animations. It's perfect for when you have a complex algorithm to explain or a section of your project you're proud of. Instead of the usual screenshots or live presentations, where audiences can easily lose track, CodeBlinks lets you create an animation that breaks down your code line by line with animation for clarity. What you can do with CodeBlinks: - Animate the diffs of your code - Support for 30 languages with automatic syntax highlighting and 22 themes - Full customization of the look and feel of the video. Background gradients, paddings, fonts, and much more! - An easy-to-use interface, removing any complexities so you can stay focused on narrating your code's unique story. - Download the video in 720p for free and pay-per-use for higher resolutions and videos with transparent backgrounds.