Sentiment and emotion analysis Slack app

Hey there Product Hunters! We are excited to announce the launch of, a FREE Slack app that enables businesses to get meaningful data and insights into their team's internal and external interactions with colleagues and customers. Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to draw the sentiment (free plan) and emotions (paid plan) from slack exchanges and providing: - The ability to see the sentiment and emotions of team members and customers in real-time - The ability to change your communications in response to feedback from ChatPulse - Insights and data on team members and customer interactions over time - Identify any areas of friction and address them before they impact your team or your customers. HR surveys can be tedious and employees don't like answering them. With a 30% response rate and 29% of employees thinking they are pointless, Chatpulse represents a much more organic way of assessing your team's happiness by leveraging your slack data and presenting it in your dashboard. We would love to get feedback on the product in the comments section below! Thank You!
Richard Crossman

Productivity nut