BrandBastion Lite ⚡


Manage social media comments faster with AI

Easily monitor and manage all your social media conversations with our AI-powered platform. Our AI simplifies comment management by analyzing sentiment, detecting spam and hate speech, and identifying the messages that require a response from your brand. Say goodbye to endless hours spent monitoring, moderating, and responding to comments. Elevate your social media presence with AI superpowers that help you stay on top of conversations, safeguard your brand reputation, and cultivate a thriving online community. Our AI-powered platform aggregates all conversations in one place, allowing you to analyze, hide and respond on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok (ads and organic). ⚡ Sentiment Analysis in 109 languages: automatically analyze the sentiment of social media comments to understand better your brand's reputation and how your content is resonating ⚡ Automated Moderation using AI: our automated moderation system detects spam, offensive, or against-brand comments and hides them automatically ⚡ Unified social media inbox powered by AI: Intent Recognition identifies which comments need a response from your brand, and you can quickly reply with saved and suggested replies With BrandBastion Lite, you can manage your brand's social media conversations faster than ever ⚡ Start today!
Sandra Figueiredo

Marketing & Product Manager