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Turn your product info. page into stunning promotion videos

How to use: Upload the product link of Shopify store or your product pics directly. Turn your content into stunning promotion videos with one click Select one video to download. Key Features: Smart feature extraction Intelligently extract features from your product info. page or product pics. Deep-learning brain in fashion industry Machine learning videos with high dissemination capacity on the market, auto-generation for you. Create videos with 1-click Turn in your product info. content into stunning promotion videos. Detailed Description: Based on AI and marketing data, BOOLV automatically generates high-quality videos to boost your brands' marketing performance. All-In-One Platform Generate Generate brand and product videos with just one click Manage Store, manage and publish your video assets in the cloud, all in one place. Boost Promote your brand and products with our data-driven video marketing tools across all major media channels. Ready for new growth and selling more? Try our product and be prepared to be amazed!
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