Boilerbay: Next.JS Starter Kit


Next.JS Starter Kit with AI Integration

The unparalleled Next.js starter kit that is revolutionizing the way developers create web applications. BoilerBay isn't just a tool; it's your gateway to harnessing the power of AI and cutting-edge technology for your projects. With seamless integrations of leading AI platforms like OpenAI and Langchain, along with the advanced capabilities of the Pinecone vector database, BoilerBay is setting a new standard in the development ecosystem. But BoilerBay's offerings go far beyond AI. This comprehensive toolkit is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of your development needs: Authentication Made Easy: NextAuth provides a full spectrum of sign-in options, including magic link setup, social login, email verification, user database management, and protected routes. Effortless Payments: Incorporate Stripe and LemonSqueezy into your project for reliable and flexible payment solutions. Dynamic Database Connections: With Prisma, connect effortlessly to any database and manage your data with precision. Optimized SEO: Leverage Next SEO for enhanced search engine visibility and superior digital presence. Insightful Analytics: Utilize PostHog and Pirsch for in-depth understanding and optimization of user interactions. Engaging Customer Support: Crisp integration ensures your users always have the support they need, enhancing overall satisfaction. Elegant Styling: Tailwind CSS allows for rapid development of beautifully designed interfaces without compromising on functionality. To jumpstart your project, BoilerBay provides two meticulously designed landing pages, one with a vibrant light theme and another with a sleek dark theme, as well as two engaging waitlist pages equipped with captivating animations. This isn't just a starter kit—it's a transformational tool designed to elevate your web applications to new heights. Empower your development journey with BoilerBay, where efficiency meets innovation. Start building exceptional web experiences with the confidence that you're backed by the best tools in the industry.
Salman Ur Rahman

Indie Hacker, Full Stack Developer. Building SaaS apps in the #buildinpublic community on X