Billie, smart invoice archiver


Stop wasting time renaming/archiving invoices, Billie takes care of it

Billie is here to help you process your invoices! Stop wasting time with renaming and moving your invoices around and let Billie take care of this tedious task. EASE OF USE Just drag your invoice on the Dynamic Ticket and Billie will analyse the invoice, extract the company name and date and create the filename you want. If all data is correct, you can execute a destination group in which you can specify various actions like "move invoice to folder", "email invoice to", ... DESTINATION GROUPS Let Billie execute multiple actions when an invoice is processed. Do you want move the file to a specific folder, and mail it to your accountant? No problem, Billie is up to the task! FOLDER MANAGEMENT Do you want your invoices to be sorted in folders like "2023 / Q1", or "2023/01", ... Good news, Billie offers various options to do this! FILENAME PATTERNS Have a specific way of naming your files? Billie lets you fully customise the way you want your invoices to be named on your system. Try Billie today, and experience how easy invoice management can be! CONTACT Visit to learn more and get in touch with me via @getbillieapp on Twitter, I'm here to help! Terms of use:
Frederik Jacques

Freelance iOS and macOS consultant. Currently building Billie, the smart invoice assistant.